New NNJ Section Traffic Manager

Submitted by KA2PBT on Mon, 07/16/2018 - 15:19

After almost two decades as Section Traffic Manager, Dave Struebel, WB2FTX has decided to retire from the position.

Effective immediately, Jim Kutsch, KY2D, is appointed STM NNJ.

Anyone involved with Traffic Handling in the North East should know Jim but for those who don’t:

  • First licensed as Novice in 1967 in West Virginia
  • Began working with the National Traffic System in 1968 after upgrading to General.
  • Lifetime member of ARRL
  • Active in NJ VHF net, phone net, and CW net; 2RN; Eastern Area Net (EAN)
  • Traffic handling on phone, CW, VHF packet, and HF Pactor.
  • Long time Appointments as ORS, DRS, and NJVN Net Manager. Active in ARES and RACES and recently as NNJ Assistant STM.


Thanks, to Jim for accepting this position.