Volunteers Needed: Chapel 5K Run in Lincoln Park

Submitted by controlop on Wed, 03/20/2019 - 17:26

Dave Pandoscak, K2NEC, is communications coordinator for the 2019 5K run and needs your help.

He is looking for volunteers for the Chapel 5K Run in Lincoln Park Saturday May 4th.

Volunteers are needed for directing traffic into parking lots, check point posts, and a water station post at the end of the race. More details to follow as the plan forms. Ideally he would like 24 people total for the event but can run things smoothly with 16 people.The goal is to make sure the race goes as planned and to provide communications in coordination with Lincoln Park Police and Lincoln Park EMS.

If you would like to volunteer that day please contact Dave K2NEC (k2nec.moto@gmail.com).