FEMA/Red Cross/ARES exercise success!

Submitted by KA2PBT on Fri, 05/24/2019 - 18:05
FairField group

Dozens of hams along the US East Coast, including two groups in #NNJ, demonstrated Amateur Radio’s ability to deliver messages without commercial power, infrastructure, or permanently established stations for officials of the American Red Cross and FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (#FEMA).

The Thursday, May 23rd event took place in coordination with the ARRL - the National Association for Amateur Radio, during a joint meeting with Red Cross and FEMA officials in Baltimore. The demonstration was a mock response to a simulated disaster scenario - a major hurricane with mass casualties striking the east coast. Radio operators at portable stations from New England to the Carolinas delivered both voice and digital messages to W1AW (the #ARRL headquarters station in Newington, CT), which then coordinated and delivered the information to officials attending the joint FEMA-Red Cross meeting in Baltimore.

Fairlawn group

In Northern New Jersey, two amateur radio clubs --ARC2 NJ2RC, the Red Cross station in Fairfield and KB2FLA, the ARES station in Fair Lawn participated. Both stations successfully exchanged messages over voice and the ARES station also successfully exchanged digital handshakes. In keeping with the simulated disaster scenario, set-up of the stations took less than an hour from the start of the assembly to air time.

Participated for ARC2 were Aly Badawy AL0Y, Gordon Beattie W2TTT, Fred WW2VEH, Rich KD2IIX, Ted KC2PJR, Margaret KD2MAR and Bill NB1LL. Ed WX2R, the ARRL NNJ Public Information Coordinator, also participated in the exercise in the Fairfield Red Cross parking lot. In Fair Lawn, Karl W2KBF, Randolph Smith WU2S, Thom W2NZ, and Jim N2JLF took part in the exercise at Memorial Park in Fair Lawn.

Thanks to ALL that made this exercise a success!

Fairfiled setup
Fairfield station
Fairlawn station
Fairlawn station