NNJ ARES 5 Watt Challenge - April 7, 2018 1500-2100 hrs LOCAL

Submitted by KA2PBT on Sat, 02/10/2018 - 17:53
Announcing the NNJ ARES 5 watt Challenge April 7th 1500-2100 localRules:
5 watts Max power, HF or VHF
No commercial power.  Use of mobiles is allowed if running only 5 watts.
Call, Name, County and ARES appointment if any.
146.58 simplex, 50.265 digital, 7.070 digital and 7.040 CW
10 pts, 2m FM less than 5 miles (participate must calculate the distance using QRZ maps)
20pts, 2m FM more than 5 miles and less than 10 miles
40pts, 2m FM over 10 miles
50 pts, 6m and 40m digital and CW
100pts, NBEMS message, sent and received
Work the Section Manager, SEC, ASEC or County DEC and get 5 times contact points.
If the operating station has an operating generator and/ or battery bank gets a bonus of 50 pts, whether or not, it’s actually used.
Let's test our ability to communicate without repeaters and commercial power at 5 watts! Certificates will be awarded to the top ten scores in the twelve NNJ counties.
The use of exterior antennas is encouraged! Blank score sheet will be emailed prior to April 7th. Please share with your friends!
Submit you log to: W2VTV@yahoo.com by April 28th