NNJ ARES 5 Watt Challenge - April 7, 2018 1500-2100 hrs LOCAL

Submitted by KA2PBT on Sat, 02/10/2018 - 17:53
Announcing the NNJ ARES 5 watt Challenge April 7th 1500-2100 local

Rules: 5 watts Max power, HF or VHF No commercial power.  Use of mobiles is allowed if running only 5 watts.

Exchange: Call, Name, County and ARES appointment if any.

Frequencies: 146.58 FM simplex, 50.205 USB, 50.265 digital, 7.070 digital, 7.285 LSB and 7.040 CW


10 pts, 2m FM less than 5 miles (participate must calculate the distance using QRZ maps)

20pts, 2m FM more than 5 miles and less than 10 miles

40pts, 2m FM over 10 miles

50 pts, 6m and 40m CW, DIGITAL and PHONE

100pts, NBEMS message, sent and received

Bonuses: Work the Section Manager, SEC, ASEC or County DEC and get 5 times contact points. If the operating station has an operating generator and/ or battery bank gets a bonus of 50 pts, whether or not, it’s actually used.

Let's test our ability to communicate without repeaters and commercial power at 5 watts! Certificates will be awarded to the top ten scores in the twelve NNJ counties.

The use of exterior antennas is encouraged!

Printable Log, Summary pages, and an EXCEL log/Summary spreadsheet is available for download. So whether you prefer a pencil or a keyboard we have you covered! Click the links below:

5WC printable Log.pdf

5WC SUMMARY sheet printable.pdf

5WC Log sheet.xls

Please share with your friends!

Submit you log to: W2VTV@yahoo.com by April 28th