COMEX 18-1

Submitted by KA2PBT on Wed, 02/14/2018 - 19:53

The Joint MARS/Amateur Radio Service Communications Exercise, (COMEX 18-1), will take place from 8:00am Tuesday 2/20/18 through 8:00pm on Friday 2/23/18.  Once again The premise is a long-term denial of cyberspace throughout North America.  As in past exercises, the goal is to solicit and collect County Status/Infrastructure reports from all 83 counties that make up New York and New Jersey.  MARS members will be using all available means to make contact with the Amateur community including, HF, UHF and VHF SSB Voice radio modes. In addition to voice communications, we will once again be providing CW Nets at the times and frequencies listed below during which you are encouraged to provide a Status/Infrastructure report for your county as well as any surrounding counties that you may have access to.  All “Speeds” are welcome.

Comex Response Guidelines

COMEX 18-1 CW Net schedule:

Frequency Date Time (Local)
1.814 February 20 - 22 2000 to 2100
3.564 February 20 - 22 1930 to 1959
3.564 February 23 0900 to 0930
7.064 February 20 - 23 1500 to 1530
14.064 February 20 - 23 1400 to 1500

Additional info regarding CW reporting formats can be found at: