The ARRL Technical Coordinator (TC) is a official appointed to coordinate all technical activities within the section. Responsibilities include coordinating the work of the section's Technical Specialists (TS), refering amateurs in the section who need technical advice to local TS and Promoting technical advances and experimentation.

NNJ Technical Coordinator: Alan Wolke, W2AEW

We have a great network of ARRL Technical Specialists (TS) available to assist with your technical inquiries - everything from modern digital radio modes, to restoring antique radios.  We are also always on the lookout for additional specialists.  If you feel that you'd like to "give back" to the NNJ section in this way, please let myself or Rob know!

As many of you may know, I have a YouTube channel that has over 273 videos on topics ranging from Amateur Radio, to circuit tutorials, homebrew projects, component tutorials, troubleshooting and repair, test & measurement equipment, and more.  Please have a look to see if there are any videos that interest you.  Here are a few links for you:
W2AEW YouTube Channel:
Index of ALL of the videos:

If you have any technical questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Alan Wolke - W2AEW

Recent videos that may be of interest to you:
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Much more available on my channel (link above)